Prophet L. Donnell Goss, Sr., Senior Pastor and Pastor Je’Nise Goss, New Life Tabernacle Ministries International (New Life TMI), are pastors, authors, dynamic mo- vaonal speakers, administrators, entrepreneurs, arts ministers and prophets of the Most High God. Their passion for the Lord is inherent in everything thing they do. They have led many workshops in prophec dance and have equipped numerous churches of various denominaons in establishing dance ministries. Pastors Goss are also the founders of Footprints Dance Conference, dedicated to merging the prophec and the arts to change lives around the world. They are also the Founders of Greater Deep Tabernacle of Faith, in Raleigh, North Carolina. Footprints Prophetic Dance Conference endeavors to spread the love of Christ and make God known through Dance, Song and t the Spoken Word. Our assignment from the Father is to tell and show the world through this Prophe c Dance Conference just how awesome God is and to reach a genera on that is lost and dying.


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